iPad Application, Web Application, Marketing, Branding
Sketch, HTML, CSS, JS, Wordpress, Vuejs, JQuery, Bootstrap 4

As creative director and lead designer at Spex – an iOS application built for enterprise insurance adjustors – I was tasked to design the entire app from ground up.  From wireframes to pixel perfect delivery to the iOS mobile developers.  

Along with the iOS application, a marketing website, brand logo and custom Admin web application needed to be created. During my 6 month contract I was able to use Sketch to design and test each version of the application using user testing.

Spex had a great attitude of knowing the product is never done. That said the final MVP was a product that is user friendly, great in the direct sunlight, uses the built in Apple technology and ui (to speed development), and helps to push an entire industry forward.

For my process and UX flow please see my medium post here.